An international non-governmental organization aimed at promoting peace in Africa.

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Peace Brokering

Brokering Peace in war torn regions and areas, across the Continent.

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We will partner with governments, international bodies and corporate individuals to disabuse the minds of youths towards war, & violence.

Post Conflict Relief

Relief materials, capital embursements, training and youth empowerment.

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An outline of our current programmes, committed to fostering peace across the continent.

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A look at some of the beneficiaries of our various programmes across Africa.


Freed from Death Row

Project SAP Read Story


Freed from Death Row

Project SAP Read Story


Freed from Death Row

Project SAP Read Story

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Press Release:

Mali’s proposed post-coup transition to civilian rule.

A Spotlight on the Somali Conflict

Mogadishu, once a flourishing city, ravaged by war and famine....

Hurricane Irma devastates Florida

On September 6 2018, Hurricane Irma left a string of small Caribbean islands devastated. The eye of the hurricane passed over Barbuda, damaging about 95% of the buildings on the island.

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